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LOGIC® Diar-stop renamed LOGIC® Firm

Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the leading range of veterinary strength supplements LOGIC® for cats and dogs, has renamed its supplement to support digestion, LOGIC® Firm.

LOGIC Firm, which was previously known as LOGIC® Diar-stop, is a palatable oral paste that contains intestinal protectants including montmorillonite, electrolytes and dextrose to maintain intestinal function by coating and protecting the intestinal cells, and absorbing toxins.  LOGIC Firm also contains prebiotics called fruco-oligosaccharides, which help to maintain normal intestinal flora by promoting the growth of good bacteria, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, at the expense of potentially pathogenic bacteria.  It also stimulates the production of the short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) acetate, propionate and butyrate, which are important energy sources for the large intestine.

LOGIC Firm is available in 10ml, 24ml and 60ml tubes; the 10ml tube is suitable for animals weighing 2 to 7 kg, the 24ml tube is suitable for animals weighing 7 to 30 kg and the 60ml tube is suitable for animals weighing 30 to 60 kg.

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