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Dosing and dispensing made easy with the launch of Virbac’s Canine Epilepsy Treatment, EpiRepress©

Virbac has launched EpiRepress, a new treatment for epilepsy in dogs which aims to make dosing and dispensing easy and accurate for practice staff and for owners.

EpiRepress contains tried and trusted phenobarbital, the only ingredient licensed to treat both idiopathic and structural epilepsy, and which provides clinical improvement in 85% of cases. The product is offered in the conventional 60mg tablet strength, which can be split into two or into four to enable dosing to be tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

EpiRepress is the first epilepsy treatment to be offered in easy-to-dispense boxes of 30 tablets, removing the need for the practice team to count out tablets from larger pots – a process which can now be done without the need to handle individual tablets. According to Virbac, the smaller box size also makes the purchase price more manageable for clients.

An innovative range of resources for practices and owners has been created by Virbac to support the use of EpiRepress. It includes a comprehensive Epilepsy Diary, packed with useful questions and tips; a handy folder to keep the Diary and extra materials in one safe place; and a diagnostic and treatment poster for the practices to use complete with differentials.

Commenting on the launch of EpiRepress, Virbac Product Manager Sarah Dixon MRCVS said: “The prevalence of canine epilepsy means that most practices are seeing at least one case a week. Phenobarbital is the mainstay treatment for canine epilepsy and, in developing our product, we wanted to offer practices and owners an easier, more accurate and more cost-effective solution. EpiRepress, with its divisible 60mg tablets and smaller box size, is the result and we are delighted to be able to launch it.

“We are focused on supporting practices and owners with compliance so have also developed a novel practice support package for EpiRepress. It offers the latest guidance to both vet practices and pet owners on the diagnosis, treatment and management of this challenging disease.”

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