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RCVS announces updates to Practice Standards Scheme modules

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has recently made minor updates to the Practice Standards Scheme’s modules for accreditations and awards.

The PSS, a voluntary accreditation Scheme run by the College, was launched in 2005 and then relaunched in 2015 to better recognise and reward how practices use their resources to create a positive outcome for patients and clients.

The modules and awards for all species groups (small animals, farm animal, and equine) have now been updated and a summary of the changes can be found at the back of each set of the respective modules.

Pam Mosedale, Lead Assessor, said: “These updates are part of our continuous efforts to ensure we have a flexible PSS, one that can respond to feedback and constantly reflect the realities of everyday practice.

“We would encourage all PSS-accredited practices to familiarise themselves with the updated modules, especially if they have an accreditation or awards assessment in the near future.”

To view the updates please visit the related documents on the PSS page of the College’s website:

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