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New Director Signals Out of Hours Growth for CVS

CVS has appointed its first Out of Ours Director in a move to offer a high-quality OOH service, both to CVS members and to independent practices, across the UK.

Dan Shrimpton has joined CVS from PDSA where he was most recently responsible for the operational management of a third of the charity’s hospitals.  During his career, he has built up expertise in the operational management of veterinary services, including OOH services.  He was responsible for managing OOH services delivered through PDSA sites for ten years, including the first PDSA site to offer OOH services to private practices in Essex.

Before moving into management Dan worked as a clinician, gaining first-hand experience of delivering OOH services, both within PDSA and for a number of independent providers.  He also spent a year working in an OOH centre in Sydney, Australia. 

During his ten years as an operational manager with PDSA, Dan worked in partnership with multiple OOH service providers, operating out of PDSA hospitals.  He joined CVS in February 2017 and reports to the Director of CVS’ Practice Division, Karyn MacKenzie.

CVS is the UK’s largest and most rapidly growing corporate veterinary practice with a mission to remain the largest and most comprehensive provider of veterinary services in the country.  It currently runs OOH services out of 14 practices with expansion planned for 2017.

Commenting on his appointment, Dan Shrimpton said: “The quality of clinical care delivered by our teams is core to our values and, through building their clinical capabilities, I intend to ensure that CVS leads the field for OOH services within a few years.

“As a first step, I am learning more about how our current customers – both practices and pet owners - feel about the service we currently offer, as well as talking to our own teams to understand their point of view.  I will then be working with team leaders to share the best practice we are already delivering and to develop a shared approach to clinical working, which can be used by all CVS OOH teams. I will also be planning the introduction of new OOH services where there are opportunities or is a clear need.

“Securing a high level of support for teams working outside normal working hours and enhancing career opportunities and development programmes for our colleagues who want to focus in this area are further priorities.”

Karyn MacKenzie added: “Our vision is of a market-leading, convenient and client-centric emergency OOH service, run by professionals who are completely committed to clinical excellence and client care.   We are already making great strides in this direction but the appointment of our first Out of Hours Director is a statement of intent that we plan to expand our OOH service while ensuring it sets a new level for quality.  We are delighted to have someone of Dan’s calibre join us and welcome him to CVS.”

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