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#MyPetMadeMe: What will your pet make YOU do?
The internet is awash with cute viral cat videos and hilarious dog memes but national pet charity Blue Cross is aiming to switch the spotlight on to their owners with new fundraising campaign #MyPetMadeMe.
#MyPetMadeMe aims to turn the tables on all the dog shaming and cat-nap papping that takes place online, with a simple mechanic that puts power in the paws (and hoofs) of pets across the UK – and puts the human in the spotlight instead. 
The online campaign, launching today, sees pets select a cringeworthy challenge for their owner which they will need to carry out once friends, family and work colleagues have helped them to hit their fundraising target. 
Blue Cross has already enlisted some high-profile recruits to kick off the campaign, including popular Instagrammer Marcel Le Corgi and his owner who will be demonstrating the mechanic and their steely nerve to the tens of thousands of fans on their Instagram and Facebook pages. 
To take part, pets will select one of four pieces of paper numbered 1-4 placed in front of them by their owner (whether that’s using treats, toys or other rewards – it’s up to the owner!). 
Their owner must film or photograph their pet choosing one of the pieces of paper before heading to the Blue Cross website to learn of their fate!
The website will reveal details of their challenge and the total amount they need to fundraise.
Owners must then share their video or photograph of their pet’s selection on social media with the aim of getting family, friends and co-workers to raise the fundraising amount to see them complete the challenge.
Challenges vary from the unpleasant - such as downing a sprout smoothie - to the downright embarrassing such as wearing pants over your trousers for a day, shaving off an eyebrow or busking in public. 
Once they have reached their fundraising target, participants must capture themselves completing the challenge and share their film or picture on social media with the hashtag #MyPetMadeMe.
Matthew Cull, Blue Cross deputy director of fundraising, said: “Whether it’s abseiling down a tall building or wearing something silly, people have always been willing to swallow their pride or even their fear to help raise money for a good cause. 
“With #MyPetMadeMe we wanted to give this incredible fundraising spirit a new twist – and put pets at the centre of it.”

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