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Vets required to have their OCQ(V) revalidated
The Animal and Plant Health Agency has introduced the requirement for Official Veterinarians to revalidate their OCQ(V) qualifications to maintain their authorisation. The objective of this is to provide assurance that vets are maintaining and continuously improving their competence and applying it to their day-to-day work.

In relation to TB testing, those that previously held panel rights were given grandfather rights in lieu of OCQ (V) TT – TB Testing of cattle and other species. These expire on the 31 March 2017. Vets must make sure they have revalidated this qualification in order to maintain their authorisation to carry out Tb testing
If you have not enrolled with Improve International by COP 31 March 2017 you will no longer be authorised to TB test.
In order to revalidate your OCQ(V)-TT you must have enrolled on the Improve International database by COP 31 March 2017.
Provided you have enrolled or applied for extension/exemption by the 31 March 2017 – you will now have until the 30 April to complete the revalidation qualification, in the meantime you will still be authorised to TB test. If you do not complete revalidation by 30 April 2017 you will no longer be authorised to carry out TB testing and will need to undergo full retraining.

It is also noted that unless you have been inspected by APHA or an XL Farm Care auditor you may not be paid for work done after 31 March 2017.

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