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New Tolracol offers effective coccidiosis control

Vets prescribing products to control coccidiosis in sheep, cattle and pigs now have a new product available offering effective, economic control in a single dose.

Tolracol® from Krka is a 50mg/ml suspension of toltrazuril which can be used in all three target species, to prevent coccidiosis infections in youngstock on farms with a history of the disease, explains Krka’s head of sales and marketing, Killian Gaffney.

“Coccidiosis can have a devastating impact on young animals, resulting in ill-thrift, weight loss and potentially death, making its prevention a vital component of herd or flock management.

“Importantly, this is a tri-licence single dose product which requires vet prescription. The involvement of the vet in prescribing coccidiostats is important as their use should be part of a whole management approach to prevention,” adds Mr Gaffney.

Tolracol should be used ahead of the peak infection period on farms with a pre-existing coccidiosis problem, with it recommended for use in neonatal pigs at three to five days old and as soon as required in calves and lambs.

“This product has been proven in trials and offers a cost effective option for farmers, it is also easily administered which farmers will find attractive.  Krka is launching a new farmer campaign to support Tolracol,” says Mr Gaffney.

“With lambing and spring calving now taking place across the country vets are likely to be asked in the coming weeks and months about coccidiosis prevention. Tolracol provides another valuable tool in the armoury when it comes to preventing this nasty condition and should be considered as a first-choice product.”

For your information:

Piglets and lambs require a dose of 0.4ml/kg bodyweight

Calves require 3ml/kg bodyweight

Tolracol’s innovative pump system makes for easy, accurate dosing

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