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Top Veterinary Universities announced for 2018

The Guardian has announced the top Veterinary Universities for 2018. At the top is Edinburgh University, with a score of 100. 96% of students said they were satisfied with the course and 95% were satisfied with the teaching. After six months of graduating, 97% went on to get a job in the veterinary profession. Following closely behind was Glasgow University, with a score of 93 from the Guardian and again with 97% of students going on to career within six months of finishing the course. 

The other universities listed in the top eight included; Liverpool, Cambridge, Nottingham, Surrey, The Royal Veterinary College and Bristol University.

The league table has been compiled depending on various statistics, with each University ranked by course subject. Eight statistical measures are employed to approximate a university’s performance in teaching each subject. Measures relate to both input – for example, expenditure by the university on its students – and output – for example, the probability of a graduate finding a graduate-level job. The measures are knitted together to get a Guardian score, against which institutions are ranked.

You can see the full league table here

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