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Norbrook expands companion animal portfolio with Betafuse launch

Norbrook Laboratories, has further expanded its companion animal portfolio with the launch of Betafuse Gel for dogs in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. 

Betafuse is a steroid based antibiotic preparation indicated for the treatment of surface pyoderma in dogs such as acute moist dermatitis (‘hot spots’) and intertrigo (skin fold dermatitis).

Betafuse contains 5mg/g fusidic acid and 1mg/g betamethasone gel. Betafuse is available in 15g and 30g with a unique polyfoil tube, to reduce the likelihood of splitting and loss of product during use.

Richard Palmer, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, Norbrook said, “We are delighted to be bringing this new product to the market in 16 European countries including the UK and Ireland. Betafuse is particularly exciting for us as we have improved the packaging and we have extended the ‘in use’ shelf life to eight weeks in comparison to six weeks for the pharmaceutically equivalent pioneer.

“This continued investment in our companion animal portfolio comes on the back of our recent launch in the US of Carprofen Chewable Tablets, an anti-inflammatory also for dogs. Our £40 million multi-year investment programme which we are currently engaged in, includes a significant emphasis on new product development including investment in R&D and our facilities infrastructure.”

Lizzie Barnard, UK Product Manager, Norbrook added, “Betafuse offers the prescribing veterinary surgeon greater choice and it complements our existing companion animal skin care portfolio which includes Marbodex, a treatment for otitis externa in dogs.

“Product support material is available and includes a guide for dog owners on how to apply Betafuse simply and effectively. This leaflet is available by contacting your territory manager or by downloading it from our website.”


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