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New appointment for XLVets Board of Directors

XLVets has announced the appointment of Hazel Goodwin, Ops Manager for Lambert, Leonard and May in Shropshire, to its Board of Directors.

Hazel joins the board of 9-strong members, who oversee and provide direction to the XLVets group. The group, made up of 57 independently-owned practices who work collaboratively to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care, was founded in 2005 with an initially farm animal bias. Since then it has grown to include all fields of practice, including small animal and equine. Hazel is the first member of the board who comes from a solely management position.

Hazel holds a degree in Business Studies and has worked in the veterinary industry for 9 years, bringing with her a diverse range of experience from previous roles in logistics, catering and sales. Her role at the 22-vet farm-only practice at which she works includes responsibility for HR and Health & Safety, people development and operational management.

Specific responsibilities on the XLVets Board have yet to be assigned, but Hazel believes member practices will benefit from the experience she brings from outside the industry,
“I represent the variety of roles that you see now in leadership positions within practice. I am not a practice owner myself, but I am deeply committed to the practice in which I work. My background is in operations and management, and I think the insights from that perspective will bring benefits to the XLVets board. One of my aspirations is to get involved with advising member practices on succession planning, and how they can widen the net beyond the traditional vet partner buy-in.

“Another area I would be keen to drive is membership engagement. XLVets has a huge offering of business benefits and training opportunities. Most importantly, the ability to seek advice and benefit from the experience of other independent member practices in a safe and non-competitive environment, is pretty much unique. I’d like to see all XLVets member practices take advantage of these things, whatever the size or type of their practice. I know that at Lambert, Leonard and May, we certainly have benefitted from them.

“The independent nature of XLVets really appeals to me; I love working alongside the other practices and hearing how they have evolved from their vision. I believe that independent practices have their own unique cultures that promote loyalty and development. People can forge their own path, and really drive their own career without much restriction. I hope that through my board appointment and drawing on my business experience, I can help our member practice colleagues to tap into that.”

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