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Pros and Cons of Corporatisation to be debated at BEVA Congress

This year BEVA Congress 13-16 September 2017 will be exploring the pros and cons of the growing trend of corporatisation of equine practices. The session will be conducted in Moral Maze style on Friday 15 September with panellists and witnesses arguing for and against the viewpoint corporatisation is inevitable and will benefit vets and their clients.

CVS, the UK’s biggest veterinary group now owns more than 410 veterinary practices and of these over 30 are specifically equine or mixed practices. The latest equine acquisitions include Bell Equine, a one site Equine Referral Hospital in Kent, in January 2017 and Severn Edge Veterinary Group, a mixed practice with 12 sites in Shropshire, including a six vet dedicated equine practice, in April 2017. It is advocated that obvious commercial and business advantages, together with the scale and diversity of a corporate can give vets greater potential for a more flexible career path and advancement within the industry, and a more sustainable working career in equine practice.

However, negatives may be perceived to be the removal of any opportunity to buy into ownership, reduced decision-making ability because of adherence to corporate procedures, extra paperwork and longer approval processes as well as increased emphasis on the bottom line.

The Moral Maze style of the debate follows the popular format of the BBC Radio 4 live discussion programme. Moderated by Madeleine Campbell, Keith Chandler and Karl Holliman will argue for corporatisation and Andrew Harrison and Tim Greet will be against. They will call upon a series of ‘witnesses’ for detailed questioning before the topic is more broadly debated.

David Mountford, Chief Executive of BEVA said: “The auditorium is usually full to bursting for our Moral Maze sessions because they bring a broader and more engaging dimension to important topics. The statement Corporatisation of equine practices is inevitable and will benefit vets and their clients is bound to generate some stimulating and possibly heated debate.”

Organised by horse vets for horse vets BEVA Congress Europe’s largest equine veterinary conference. This year it will be held at Liverpool Arena Convention Centre from 13-16 September 2017. There will be an exceptional line up of practitioner friendly ‘big cheese’ speakers, extensive CPD, quality science and novel demonstrations. Anyone who registers before 3rd August will receive significantly reduced booking fees. Visit today to find out more and to sign up.

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