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Ceva’s new carprofen, CARPRODYL QUADRI

Ceva Animal Health has launched a new carprofen, CARPRODYL QUADRI, for the reduction of inflammation and pain caused by musculo-skeletal disorders and degenerative joint disease and for the management of post-operative pain.

CARPRODYL QUADRI is a pork-flavoured, four-way break tablet, available in two presentations of 50mg and 120mg. Each tablet offers four dosage strengths which allows you to prescribe more accurately for a dog’s weight with fewer boxes on the shelves.  Part tablets can be kept in the blister pack for up to 72 hours, so clients can take home the exact amount of carprofen they require, thereby reducing cost and waste.

CARPRODYL QUADRI joins Ceva’s pain management range of MELOXIDYL, veterinary licensed meloxicam for cats and dogs, and VETERGESIC, the original buprenorphine available in single doses of 1ml for cats and dogs and multidose 10ml vials for cats, dogs and horses. 

To support the launch of CARPRODYL QUADRI, Ceva is launching a range of marketing materials for veterinary practices.  This includes: dosage charts, dispensing envelopes, remember to order stickers to stick on boxes left on the shelves, reminder cards about the change for reception and dispensaries and client letters explaining why their prescription has changed.

“CARPRODYL QUADRI is an easy to administer carprofen that provides accurate dosing while reducing cost and waste and is a welcome addition to our popular pain management portfolio,” comments Lucy Vernon, product manager at Ceva Animal Health.

For further information on Ceva’s pain management range of products, including CARPRODYL QUADRI, please contact your local Ceva Animal Health territory manager.

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