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From 5am on August 10 until 5am on Thursday 11  August 2017, everyone in UK agriculture has the chance to tell their story to show just how much passion and commitment goes into producing the food we eat by taking part in #Farm24.
Everyone involved in UK agriculture is being encouraged to share their stories for 24 hours, which will then be broadcast across social media. 
To take part please email with:
·         A photo of yourself ‘in action’ on the farm undertaking your daily routine (when it is safe to do so!). It would be great to have a variety of early morning/daytime/evening/night time images if possible!
·         A short paragraph about you, the task you are completing and where you are located.
The deadline for receiving photos is midnight on Tuesday 8 August.
For more information about 24 hours in farming 2017, watch this short video:  or head to
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