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Veterinary Leaders Welcome State-of-the-art Veterinary ‘Wet-lab’ Training Facility in the North of the UK

A state-of-the-art wet-lab practical training facility for veterinary professionals was officially opened on Thursday 7 September 2017 by veterinary CPD specialist Improve International in Sheffield. During a welcome reception, leaders and representatives of the veterinary profession were given tours of the facility and shown the advanced surgical training and ultrasound equipment available.

The new wet-lab is believed to be the most advanced veterinary training facility in the north of the UK. Its convenient location on the outskirts of the city of Sheffield was selected to reduce the travel time for vets and veterinary nurses in the region who are keen to develop their practical skills using the latest equipment and technology.

The wet-lab is equipped with 13 fully electrically-adjustable surgical tables, each with their own operating light and an audio-visual (a/v) system connecting them to the lecturer. The a/v system enables the lecturer to carry out demonstrations of procedures and to provide individual or group guidance to delegates practising surgical and other practical techniques. Delegates are able to use the latest surgical and diagnostic equipment, including IM3 dental equipment, Logic E ultrasound machines and new surgical instrumentation for a range of orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures. The wet-lab is based at the HQ of Improve’s sister company 5m Technical Publishing and has recently welcomed its first delegates.

Improve International is one of the UK’s leading veterinary training companies with a 20-year track record in providing structured continuing professional development (CPD) to veterinary professionals. It works closely with its assessment partners, ESVPS, and Harper Adams University, which provides the higher education body quality assurance, in running programmes covering a growing range of clinical disciplines.

Commenting on its opening, Improve Managing Director Mr David Babington MRCVS, said: “Newly qualified vets have a huge need for additional training in practical skills and this demand extends into their ongoing professional life as new techniques are developed and existing ones refined.

“We already offer practical training facilities to delegates attending our training programmes at our HQ in Swindon but wanted to make it easier for vets and nurses in the north of the UK to access these facilities. This new ‘wet-lab’ offers an ideal training environment for our delegates to accelerate their learning and take new skills back to their practice.”

He added: “Learning new techniques, whether surgical or diagnostic, is a proven way to boost practice profitability because it reduces the need to refer more complex cases.  We hear from many of those who have trained with us that their increased skillset has enhanced their job satisfaction and increased the volume of cases they treat. In many cases, the training has paid for itself many times over.  We are excited at the prospect of helping even more veterinary professionals to advance their skills.”

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