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CPD audit asks over 1,000 vets to share their records

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has now contacted some 1,071 veterinary surgeons asking them to share their continuing professional development records as part of the College’s annual audit of compliance.


Under the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct veterinary surgeons are expected to demonstrate that they are keeping their skills and knowledge up-to-date by engaging in at least 105 hours of CPD over a rolling three-year period.


As part of the auditing process the 1,071 vets will be asked to share their CPD records for 2014 to 2016 by either allowing the College to access their online Professional Development Record or by sending the College a copy of their CPD record card.


The audit will focus on six groups:


·         91 vets who have not confirmed their CPD compliance when renewing their registration for two consecutive years;


·         a random sample of 400 vets who said they were compliant when renewing their registration in 2017;


·         235 vets who were found to be non-compliant in the 2016 audit;


·         131 vets who did not respond when asked to share their records in the 2016 audit;


·         32 graduate vets who have not responded to any communication about the Professional Development Phase;


·         and 128 vets who said they were not compliant as part of the 2017 annual renewal process.


If any of the veterinary surgeons who have been audited are found to be non-compliant they will be asked to explain why and send a plan stating how they will make up the hours in order to become compliant.


All 1,071 veterinary surgeons that have been audited were contacted by email or letter on Thursday 21 September 2017. The deadline for sharing records is Tuesday 31 October 2017.


As part of the auditing process the College is reminding veterinary surgeons that CPD encompasses a wide range of recorded activities, which can be clinical or non-clinical, including private reading/study, webinars, mentoring, clinical audit and discussion groups as well as attending seminars and workshops.


Those with any questions about the auditing process or what constitutes CPD can contact Jenny Soreskog-Turp, RCVS Education Officer, on



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