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Nutritional Roadshow brings behaviour to the fore for each and every vet student
ROYAL CANIN is pairing with Behavioural Medicine specialist, Sarah Heath, for its annual Nutritional Roadshow: Under the Influence of… Food!  The roadshow will visit all nine vet schools across the UK and Ireland from 10th October  to 15th November  and will feature an interactive lecture exploring the role of food in the initiation, management and resolution of unwanted behaviours in cats and dogs.
Lee Danks, Scientific Affairs Manager for ROYAL CANIN, commented: “Our 2017 roadshow is an offering to the entire Vet Student Network, meaning that no matter where they’re studying, every vet student (and SVNs on the same campus) can learn a lot more about how and what we feed our pets can influence their behaviour.  We’ll kick off in Cambridge and follow a convoluted path across, up and down the country, including a visit across to University College Dublin.
Sarah Heath is known for delivering truly engaging lectures which reform the way clinicians manage patients and advise clients facing troublesome scenarios, which often compromise the behavioural health of the pets we share our lives with.”
Schedule of events:
  • Tuesday 10th October, 6:00pm – University of Cambridge
  • Wednesday 11th October, 2:00pm – Royal Veterinary College (Hawkshead)
  • Thursday 12th October, 5:30 pm – University of Surrey
  • Thursday 19th October, 5:30 pm – University of Nottingham
  • Wednesday 25th October, 6:30pm – University of Liverpool (Leahurst)
  • Thursday 2nd November 6:00pm – University College Dublin
  • Monday 13th November, 5:30pm – Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
  • Tuesday 14th November, 5:30pm – University of Glasgow
  • Wednesday 15th November, 6:00pm – University of Bristol
For more information about the Nutritional Roadshow, students can contact their university’s Student Ambassador, or email

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