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Virtual Congress One Week Away

The Webinar Vet’s Virtual Congress begins on 19th January. Price rises on Monday 15th. 

The Webinar Vet’s 6th Virtual Congress will take place on 19th, 20th and 21st January. There are discounts for BVA members, dedicated webinars for nurses and practice managers, and a specialised farm and equine steam. Ticket prices rise on Monday 15th January.

Now in its 6th year, Virtual Congress is rapidly becoming the event for online veterinary education, being attended by thousands of people all over the globe. Virtual Congress continues to spearhead the CPD revolution, offering over 35 hours of the most innovative veterinary webinars presented by renowned speakers on a variety of topics.

Virtual Congress is a particularly great opportunity for vets who work in underprivileged countries. The Webinar Vet operates a charitable initiative called the one4one programme, which means that for every ticket bought, one is donated to a vet who otherwise would not be able to attend.

Praise for Virtual Congress:

“Last year was the first time I was attending The Webinar Vet's Virtual Congress and I was definitely not disappointed! I am a Jamaican and was able to attend via the one4one programme, through which my ticket was sponsored. This was wholeheartedly appreciated as cost would have otherwise prohibited me from attending. The Congress had a broad spectrum of topics to choose from, the great thing being that because of the recordings I didn't have to worry about missing anything, and I still have access if something comes up that I need to review. It also helped alleviate the issue of time difference as the Congress was live during my working hours. One of the sessions I was able to attend which was quite good was 'Implementing Behavioural and Environmental Modification when Treating Feline Medicine Cases' by Dr. Sarah Heath, I learnt many simple things that I didn't know about feline behaviour that enabled me to make better recommendations to my clients. I recommend the Virtual Congress to every vet out there, it's an experience you don't want to miss out on.” 

Julie-Anne Small, DVM

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