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A new pet poison prevention app has been launched for vets

Pet poison app vetcpd has just been released in google play and in apple store. This is a completely free app, with no inapp purchases and has been designed to give extensive toxicological help to veterinary surgeons and students.

The app has 6 sections; indoor toxins, outdoor, poisonous plants, medications, poisonous mushrooms and venomous animals.

There are over 1000 poisons, with full toxicological effects and possible canine treatments. The plant section has the most in depth descriptive botany that can be found, with 4000 images, to aid with identification. There is over 500 medical tablets, including the top 200 prescribed human meds. Pharmacokinetics, toxic and lethal doses, toxicological effects, clinical signs and possible canine treatments for worst case scenario.

While the indoor section includes in depth toxicology of aromatic, aliphatic and halogenated hydrocarbon solvents, toxic + lethal doses for consumed products.

Download the app now on the Apple App store or from Google play. 

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