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Free Evidence-based Veterinary Practice webinar hosted by ROYAL CANIN®

ROYAL CANIN is hosting a series of three 30-minute webinars with Dr Rachel Dean BVMS PhD MSc(EBHC) DSAM(fel) SFHEA MRCVS, founding Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine. The series aims to give vets and nurses a quick taste of the ‘What, How and Why’ of EBVM… a topic of increased focus for us all in clinical practice.

At 8pm on Tuesday April 17th, Rachel will give an introduction to EBVM and reminder of why it is so important to us in our daily work. The second session will follow on 24th April, exploring ‘How do I Translate this into Practice?’  Finally, ‘Why: A Nutritional Case Study in Practice’ will conclude the series on Tuesday 1st May, with a real-world clinical application of EBVM concepts.

Commenting on the webinar, Lee Danks BVSc BVMS MRCVS, ROYAL CANIN’s Scientific Affairs Manager said: “In this three-part series we hope to summarise EBVM for those unaccustomed to this approach and review how it can help improve our clinical decision making in practice.  By taking a step by step approach and delivering ‘easily-digestible’ lessons over three weeks we hope to answer as many questions vets and nurses have as possible with some highly applicable content from Rachel Dean.”

After graduating from the University of Glasgow in 1996, Rachel worked in mixed and small animal general practice. She holds the RCVS diploma in feline medicine and is a recognised RCVS specialist in this field. Rachel is currently a Clinical Associate Professor in Feline Medicine at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, Nottingham where she directs the Centre of Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine.

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