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Performance In Practice Workshops

'VetLed’s mission is to enhance performance by inspiring and championing positive workplace culture for people, patients and the veterinary profession.'

On 8 January 1989, a disintegrating fan blade caused the number one (left-hand) engine of a Belfast-bound Boeing 737-400 to lose power. Hard-to-read instrumentation contributed to the pilots’ misreading of which engine was losing power. Confused, the pilots shut off the number two (right-hand) engine. With no power, the aircraft crashed resulting in fatalities and multiple injuries.Fortunately, very few incidents have such disastrous results, but how many times have human emotion or error, change of team structure or poor communication led to near misses within veterinary practice?

VetLed are a team of pilots and veterinary professionals who have combined to bring the learning developed in the aviation world around 'human factors' to help those with management responsibilities within veterinary practice to understand better what people bring to work each day, both physically and psychologically. Understanding these factors will help attendees recognise and manage the resultant behaviours to improve practice performance and develop a 'Just Culture'.

VetLed are delighted to be collaborating with the VMG to bring you the Performance in Practice Roadshow 2. Each 3 hour workshop will provide an opportunity to understand more about how tools such as checklists and reporting systems can positively influence patient safety. 

Between April and July 2018 workshops will take place across the company in the following locations:




Kings Lynn










The workshops cost as little as £15 + vat for VMG Members, £30 + vat for others.

Please visit to register for your nearest workshop and discover something new!

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