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RCVS launching consultation on a post-registration framework for veterinary nurses

RCVS have launched a consultation on a proposed post-registration framework for veterinary nursing and are asking for the view of veterinary professionals. 

This framework has been developed in light of the VN Futures research project which found a collective desire amongst veterinary nurses for a more rewarding, structured and progressive career path, as well as for the VN role to be clarified and bolstered.


What surfaced during the research was the clear notion that veterinary nurses were discouraged by the lack of career progression potential. This specifically included the lack of formal qualification prospects in specified skillsets and areas of further knowledge.

Following the publication of the VN Futures Report and Action Plan in 2016, RCVS formed a Post-Registration Development Group to look at this issue.
The group has now proposed the new framework, which is designed to provide flexible, affordable and professionally recordable post-registration qualifications.
It is intended to provide a structured and tiered career path for veterinary nurses from any level of study, which could, in time, result in an Advanced Veterinary Nurse status.
So far, it is focusing on two new post-registration qualifications:
  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Nursing
How to send in your views

RCVS are now asking all veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons for their thoughts on the proposed framework. They want feedback on all areas – from course structure, eligibility and certification procedure to student support – which they will then put to the Development Group directly, for further consideration.

The deadline for all responses is 5pm on Monday 27 August 2018.

For questions, please contact Claire O'Leary, Education Officer, who will be happy to help.

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