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 Altrenogest is commonly referred to by the trade name “Regumate”. 

It has been reported in international racing jurisdictions that trace levels of the anabolic steroid(s) trenbolone and/or trendione have been detected in products which contain altrenogest. Trainers have been advised by Racing Victoria (Australia) to immediately stop the use of products containing altrenogest. Further investigation is being carried out by Australian regulators.

In the UK, there is one product which contains altrenogest which is licensed for use in horses: Regumate® Equine 2.2mg/ml Oral Solution for Horses (MSD Animal Health). Regumate® Equine is a prescription only veterinary medicine (POM-V).

Following discussion with the European manufacturer, the BHA can inform industry participants that Regumate® Equine which is distributed in the UK is reportedly sourced from a separate location to those products under investigation. In light of the international situation, the BHA would strongly advise trainers to be cautious if using altrenogest in racing thoroughbreds.

The BHA published Detection Time for altrenogest is 288 hours (12 days), based on an administration study of four horses using an oral dose of 2.2mg/kg once daily for 10 days.

In contrast, a 24 hour (one clear day) withdrawal from racing is recommended in Australia for mares and fillies receiving oral altrenogest.

The BHA is undertaking further work to gain an understanding of the implications of this issue within Europe and participants will be informed as soon as further information becomes available.

Further information on the BHA’s Anabolic Steroid Policy can be found here.

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