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RCVS saddened to learn of the death of former President
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons is saddened to learn of the death of Brian Singleton who was President of the RCVS from 1969-70.
Amanda Boag, current President of the RCVS, commented: “Brian had a remarkable career, having a truly significant impact on the veterinary profession, and he will be remembered for his dedication and positive contributions to the field.
“During his time as RCVS President, Brian pushed forward the development of veterinary specialisation, defining the means by which specialisations can be organised, as well as the type of postgraduate training and qualifications that will meet the requirements of the profession. He also helped fundraise towards a huge £165,000 target for the RCVS Library, which is still a much-loved and well-used resource.
“Brian was also a co-founder of BSAVA, one of the most esteemed organisations for small animal vets which held its first meeting at the Royal Veterinary College on March 7, 1957. The association was set up to ‘promote the cultural, scientific, and professional interests of veterinary surgeons and practitioners engaged in small-animal practice, teaching and research’ and, as a member, I can say that it has been successful in this regard.
“BSAVA’s annual congress is now one of the largest annual veterinary gatherings in the UK, and I can personally hold testament to the remarkable work it does, and the impact Brian’s efforts continue to have all these years on, with the organisation now holding over 10,000 members.
“He will be missed by his many colleagues and acquaintances from the veterinary world, and our sympathies are with his family and friends. Brian’s work has been a true inspiration to all veterinarians who are seeking positive change in our ever-changing veterinary landscape.”
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