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Jurox launches new sedative AceSedate 

Jurox has announced that they have extended their anaesthesia and analgesia portfolio with the launch of AceSedate, 2 mg/ml acepromazine solution for injection.

Acepromazine is a long-acting sedative agent that can be used for the premedication, sedation and tranquillisation of dogs and cats.
  • Acepromazine belongs to the phenothiazine family and acts as a dopamine receptor antagonist providing calming effects.
  • It causes sedation and anxiolysis, which is initially dose dependent, plateauing at higher doses.
  • It is metabolised in the liver and has a duration of action of approximately six hours in healthy patients.

For best results, AceSedate should be combined with an opioid (neuroleptanalgesia) to improve the quality and reliability of sedation and provide analgesia.

Speak to a Jurox expert for more information about AceSedate and anaesthesia, please call 0800 500 3171. AceSedate is available to order from your usual wholesaler now.

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