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OnsiorTM treats pain and inflammation in cats with chronic musculoskeletal disease

Elanco is delighted to announce Onsior (6 mg tablets) has been licensed for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with chronic musculoskeletal disorders in cats.

The new indication is in addition to its existing license for acute pain and inflammation.

Vets now have another option when choosing the most suitable and effective treatment for cats with chronic musculoskeletal pain and can have confidence in the robust safety profile of Onsior 6 mg tablets for cats.

In addition, owners could soon see their cats get back to doing what they love when vets use Onsior. Across a six week study period, owners saw a visible improvement in their cats’ performance of daily activities. In fact, Onsior was associated with a 50% decrease in owner-assessed pain and disability, a significantly greater improvement than that seen with placebo treated cats.3

It offers convenience for owners too. It’s administered as a once-daily, small flavoured tablet, which can be taken without food or with a small amount of food.

The NSAID is proven to be well-accepted by most cats. In fact, Onsior has been presented with an ‘Easy to give’ award from the International Society of Feline Medicine (IFSM), which recognises medication that makes treating cats easier.

The new indication for cats further strengthens the suite of Onsior products available, which includes tablets for dogs and an injectable formulation.* It makes Onsior the only coxib that can be used for both cats and dogs.

ElancoVETS, Veterinary Technical Consultant, Lepha McCartan said: “It is very exciting to be launching this new indication for Onsior because musculoskeletal disorders are commonplace in cats.

“Although reports vary, studies have shown that radiographic evidence of DJD has a prevalence as high as over 90 per cent.

“At Elanco we are passionate about keeping cats doing what they love and Onsior enables this while also giving vets more choice for managing chronic musculo-skeletal disease.”

To find out more go to: or speak to your Elanco territory manager.

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