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UK shortage of isoflurane

It has become apparent that there is a reported UK shortage of isoflurane. It is also reported that, unless an alternative supply can be secured, this shortage may extend to Feb/Mar 2019.

Due to these ongoing supply problems with isoflurane-containing products, the VMD has recently assessed the following products for import under the Special Import Scheme:

  • IsoFlo Vet 100% (Zoetis) from Germany
  • IsoFlo 100% w/w vloeistof voor inhalatiedamp (Abbott Laboratories) from Germany
  • Isoflo vapor liquid inhalant (Ecuphar) from Spain
  • Isoflurin 1000mg/g inhalation vapor, liquid (VetPharma Animal Health S.L.) from Spain
  • Aerrane liquid for inhalation (Baxter S.p.A) from Italy
  • Isoflurane USP (Piramal Enterprises Limited) from the USA
  • Isotroy (isoflurane IP) 250ml (Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd) from India
  • Isoflurane USP liquid for inhalation (Piramal Enterprises Limited) from India

Vets can apply online for an import certificate for these products, or alternative products from outside the UK, via the VMD’s special imports online application system.

Vets are reminded that every effort should be made to first obtain a UK authorised product, prior to utilising a product under the Prescribing Cascade.

BEVA is working with the pharmaceutical industry, the regulators, the small animal side of the profession, and the distributors to try to ensure sources of isoflurane are identified and made available.

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