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BCVSp Provides Clinical Audit Workshop for Specialists

The British College of Veterinary Specialists is running a clinical audit workshop to help members and non-members develop tools and strategy for clinical audit in Veterinary Specialist Practice. The one-day event will be held on 28 March 2019, at Rossdales Equine Hospital, Newmarket, Suffolk.

The BCVSp is a registered charity, established in 2014. Its primary aim is to advance the education of the public and the wellbeing of animals through the development, understanding and application of Veterinary Specialist care. It promotes a three-way partnership between the animal owner, the primary care vet and veterinary specialists to help achieve optimal outcomes for patients.

The Clinical Audit Workshop has been organised with the support of the Clinical Audit Support Centre who train human medical staff in clinical audit but also run training days for various veterinary groups. Speakers and facilitators include Tracy Ruthven, founder of the Clinical Audit Support Centre, Catherine Oxtoby PhD MRCVS, Veterinary Risk Manager, Veterinary Defence Society, Matthew Cullen BSc(hons) BVSc MRCVS, Institute of Veterinary Science, University of Liverpool and Mike Martin, MVB, DVC, MRCVS, Independent Veterinary Cardiology Consultant, Kenilworth.

The morning session will review the principles of clinical audit, lessons learnt in human medicine and the current state of clinical audit in veterinary medicine. The afternoon will involve discussion and brain storming, with the aim of developing a strategy, objectives and roadmap for BCVSp to support and co-ordinate clinical audit in Veterinary Specialist practice.

The Workshop is open to members and non-members of BCVSp with tickets priced at £100 or £152 respectively.

Those eligible for BCVSp membership should consider joining before registering in order to benefit from the reduced price. Membership is open to vets eligible to work in UK. For full membership, applicants must be included in the RCVS Veterinary Specialist list and/or hold FRCPath, RCVS, EBVS or AVMA-ABVS Diplomas. Associate Membership is open to those enrolled in a residency registered with a European or American Speciality College. Associate Members who enrol while they are residents are entitled to maintain this status until they complete their boards.

BCVSp Trustee Celia Marr said: “This is the first in a series of BCVSp workshops to be rolled out during 2019. Our intention is to focus on small group CPD and interactive peer discussion rather than lectures and to take resulting ideas forward to make them a reality. The next workshop will be on training and mentoring young staff – we will be announcing the date shortly.”

To register for the BCVSp clinical audit workshop visit

Members need to log in in when registering in order to claim the discounted booking price.


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