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BHA call for swabs at Hunter Chases to prevent spread of equine flu

The British Horseracing Authority has announced an important update to unlicensed trainers with entries in Hunter Chases, following the current fears of the spread of equine flu. Unlicensed trainers will be expected to take a nasopharyngeal swab from the horses in the 72 hours prior to arrival at the racecourse to confirm that Equine Influenza is not present in their horses. 

The full update is as follows:

All runners require the below information to be produced on arrival to the racecourse:

a) Compliant EI vaccines within SIX calendar months of the race date, recorded in the horse’s passport, as required by the Rules and signed by a veterinary surgeon

b) Equine Influenza Declaration Form, which details the horse’s temperature on the morning of arrival to the racecourse.

In addition to (a) and (b), horses from NON-LICENSED YARDS are also required to provide the following:

c) PCR Form confirming a negative result for Equine Influenza from a nasopharyngeal swab taken during the 72 hours prior to arrival at the racecourse. All documentation should be emailed prior to arrival AND presented again on arrival at the racecourse. (Trainer responsibility).

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