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WVS Young Vets Club International School Linking Project Begins

Worldwide Veterinary Service has launched a new school linking project as part of its Young Vets Club and the programme has already seen positive results. Eight local schools in Dorset and Hampshire and one school in Airdrie, Scotland have formed links with 14 schools in the states of Goa and Tamil Nadu in India. 

Children are working with their teachers through a series of activities designed by WVS, focusing on animal welfare issues both locally and globally. The partnered schools are then sharing their ideas across continents through letters and posters. The children are learning about the welfare needs of all animals, how to recognise animal behaviour and the impact global environmental issues such as plastic pollution are having on animals worldwide.

Nicky Cook, WVS International Education Manager said, “Education is a vital part of the work of WVS. By working with schools on topics that have both local relevance and a global reach, we are helping children gain the skills and knowledge needed to improve animal welfare. The programme helps develop trust and understanding between young people from different societies, creating a safer and more connected world for the future.”

Young Vets Club was launched in November 2018 and was set up to engage young people in the work of the charity and educate the future generation about important animal welfare issues. Alongside the School Linking Project, the club runs a membership scheme where young animal lovers receive an educational pack, animal sponsorship, free gift and regular updates from the charity.

Andy McKay, a teacher at St Margaret’s School in Airdrie said, “I have found the materials really work in engaging the pupils and I look forward to continuing the project.” 

Karuna Senthilnathan, a teacher from Blue Mountain School in Tamil Nadu said, “My students are very engrossed and riveted by all the sessions.”

The charity is pleased by results from the first sessions that have taken place and the enthusiasm both children and teachers have shown. It is hoped the programme will be able to expand to more schools in the near future, including linking UK schools with those in Thailand or Malawi.

All the UK schools involved in the project are also invited to the first Young Vets Activity Day taking place on Tuesday 9th April at Pilgrims Veterinary practice in Fordingbridge. This is aimed at children from ages 7 -12 and is open to members and non-members.

For more information on Young Vets Club, visit  

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