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Jurox launches a UK licensed acepromazine for horses, AceSedate®

Jurox (UK) Ltd has bolstered its equine anaesthesia range with the launch of a UK licensed injectable acepromazine for horses, AceSedate®.

AceSedate for horses is the newest addition to Jurox’s anaesthesia, analgesia and sedation portfolio.  It contains 10mg/ml acepromazine as its active ingredient, which means a lower dose volume is required compared to the non-UK licensed equine acepromazine options available.

Acepromazine is a phenothiazine which has a central action by inhibiting dopamine pathways.  Using it alone as a premed can reduce the risk of death during equine anaesthesia1.  It has a marked dose sparing effect on the amount of other anaesthetic agents that may be required and smooths induction and recovery, decreasing the likelihood of catecholamine secretion.  It also reduces sensitivity of the myocardium to catecholamines and reduces the cardiac workload, helping to maintain perfusion and decrease the chance of myocardial hypoxia.  At low doses, acepromazine reduces anxiety, which is beneficial for use in horses prior to shoeing, clipping or transportation.  At higher doses, acepromazine acts as a sedative and can help to reduce the need to physically restrain nervous horses during procedures such as dentistry, shoeing or clipping.  The relaxation effect aids the treatment of choke and examination of the penis in geldings and non-breeding stallions*.

The dosage of AceSedate is 0.03-0.10 mg per kg bodyweight, however it is recommended that the lower end of the dose range is always selected where possible.  It can be administered via intramuscular or slow intravenous injection.  AceSedate is supplied in a multidose vial and the shelf life after opening the immediate packaging is 28 days.

Richard Beckwith, country manager of Jurox (UK) Ltd, comments: “The launch of AceSedate means injectable acepromazine is now licensed in the UK for horses, giving vets peace-of-mind that a licensed product is now available.  It is a welcome addition to our equine anaesthesia, analgesia and sedation portfolio.” 

AceSedate is the second product from Jurox licensed to support anaesthesia, analgesia and sedation in horses.  The first product in Jurox’s equine portfolio was Buprelieve, a 0.3mg/ml solution for injection containing buprenorphine.

For details of Jurox’s introductory offer and latest promotional offers or for further information on the company’s anaesthesia and analgesia products, visit, contact your local Jurox technical sales representative, telephone the customer services team on 0800 500 3171 or

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