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Ceva launches Isemid®

Ceva launches Isemid®, a new once a day diuretic for the treatment of dogs in congestive heart failure.

ISEMID® is the first diuretic for the treatment of congestive heart failure in dogs recognised by the EMA as a “2018 Innovation, advancing animal health”. ISEMID® is a potent once-a-day diuretic as effective as furosemide in dogs with heart failure. ISEMID® is formulated as a convenient flavoured tablet to support owner compliance. More than 11 proprietary studies have been performed by Ceva R&D teams to get a registration and provide more information about Torasemide.

Innovative product

“We are very proud that ISEMID® was considered as an innovative product, advancing animal health, by the European Medicines Agency,” commented Emilie Guillot, DVM, Ceva Technical Manager for Cardiology. “Originally our idea of developing torasemide in dogs came from exchanges with our network of cardiologists”. This ‘Ceva cardiology task force’ includes experts like Pr Mark Oyama (USA), as well as two cardiologists from human medicine, Prs Bertram Pitt (USA) and Faiez Zannad (France).

Expert meeting in Paris

ISEMID® was presented in Paris on May 10th to 16 European and American cardiology experts.

The day began with an overview of the 8 years of product development followed by presentations from each manager in charge of pharmacokinetics, toxicology and clinical development. “ISEMID® is an original drug developed by Ceva, and was the subject of full pivotal efficacy and safety studies,” explained Marie Boutot, development project leader for ISEMID®.

Improving compliance

“With ISEMID®, we seek to help veterinarians in their goal to improve survival of dogs with heart failure,” Dr Guillot added. “But above all, thanks to its potent action and long half-life which allow once-daily dosing, we hope to ease owner compliance.” Data presented in Paris showed a 98% owner compliance (compared to 92% for furosemide, p<0.05) and 80% voluntary acceptance. 

Available in the UK and Ireland from June

ISEMID® will be available in three strengths: 1, 2 and 4 mg. The tablets are pork-liver flavoured and scored so they can be halved.  They can be administered orally once daily, with or without food. The marketing authorisation was obtained earlier this year and ISEMID® is going to be gradually available from June throughout Europe.

Scientific communications with data on ISEMID® have been held at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine forum in Phoenix in June and will be held at the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine congress in Milan in September.

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