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Animal Charity in Monsoon Crisis

On Friday 5 July the Tree of Life for Animals Hospital in Rajasthan, India, was hit by a devastating monsoon flood. An emergency evacuation was launched and many of the 500+ animals onsite had to be moved to temporary shelter.

TOLFA has launched a Monsoon Appeal to buy blankets and bedding for the affected animals, to replace damaged equipment and supplies and to clean large parts of the hospital from the dirty floodwater. Currently, raw sewage is increasing the spread of disease while many of the hospital’s buildings have suffered significant structural damage.

A registered UK charity, TOLFA was founded in 2005 by British veterinary nurse Rachel Wright, who, after working on animal welfare projects around the world, decided to make a lasting difference to animals in a rural part of India by establishing her own hospital.  In years since, TOLFA has tended more than 100,000 animals, neutered more than 18,500 dogs and vaccinated more than 22,000 against rabies. It has also treated thousands of farm animals and run a mobile clinic and education programmes for pet owners and children. Rachel Wright received the RCVS International Award for her work in 2018.

“In the fifteen years I have been here, I have never seen a monsoon this fierce,” she says. “I am very concerned as to what the next two months will bring. Not only do we have all the animals at the hospital to care for but, at this time of the year our rescue numbers skyrocket, because so many street animals are unable to cope with the harsh conditions.

“We would be grateful for any help as we try to repair the hospital and keep caring for the animals which depend on us.”

To donate to TOLFA’s Monsoon Appeal, visit:

You can also follow the appeal on social media:

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Instagram @tolfaindia

Twitter @TOLFAcharity

For further information, contact or call 07835 208529.

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