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BEVA Trust volunteers help 1196 UK horses

BEVA Trust volunteers are continuing to show their passion for horse welfare. They have helped to make a difference to 1196 horses in the UK over the past four years, as well as hundreds of horses around the world. 

The BEVA Trust provides opportunities, support and funding to allow BEVA members to volunteer for projects that enhance equine welfare both locally and globally.

The BEVA Trust and British Horse Society have worked together for the past four years and in this time have run 25 education and welfare castration clinics around the country. So far 181 BEVA members, together with nurses, students, and farriers have volunteered their time and expertise to help a total of 1196 horses. Coordinated by the British Horse Society, and with practical support from a number of other equine welfare charities, the clinics provide dental care, farriery, worming, microchipping and passporting for horses identified to be in need, as well as castration if required. A total of 547 horses have now been castrated.

The clinics have been generously supported by Zoetis, Bransby, Blue Cross, Redwings, World Horse Welfare and the RSPCA.  Also thanks to a £50,000 grant from South Essex Insurance Brokers the BHS recently acquired a special healthcare vehicle for use at all future clinics.  

Three further education and welfare castration clinics are planned for the autumn of 2019 in Nottinghamshire, York and Aberdeen.

BEVA members have also been volunteering around the world. This year one vet spent two weeks Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust and in April two vets volunteered in Estonia. Upcoming 2019 overseas projects include Lesotho Equine Welfare Clinic in September, Kiev Equine Veterinary Seminar in October and Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust in December.

BEVA members have also been busy raising funds for the Trust. This summer more than 100 vets, vet nurses and other practice team members took part in the BEVA cycle Sportive. Hosted this year by Donnington Grove Equine Vets in Newbury the event raised £882.

Julian Samuelson, BEVA Trust Chair said: "The willingness of so many BEVA members to donate their time for these outstanding projects is both inspiring and humbling and made possible as a result of the close partnership between BEVA and leading national and overseas equine welfare organisations".

You can find out more about the BEVA Trust’s work here:

To volunteer for the BEVA Trust please contact Leaya Slater

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