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The Webinar Vet to hold 24-hour livestream Virtual Congress in 2020

The Webinar Vet has announced it’s 8th annual Virtual Congress will be streamed live for 24 hours for the first time in 2020.  Virtual Congress is the biggest online veterinary conference in the world; the event attracted 6,000 registrants in over 97 countries earlier this year.  Virtual Congress 2020 will run from midnight to midnight on the 1st February 2020.

Virtual Congress 2020 celebrates 10 years since Anthony Chadwick launched The Webinar Vet -. The new format will allow the congress to be viewed in as many time zones as possible.

The new format also boasts three exciting keynote speakers: Ben Fogle, Rob Pope and Kenton Cool who will be covering non-clinical subjects focusing on the environment and mental wellbeing.

 Virtual Congress 2020 will also boast the first ever livestream in a second language. There will be a 6-hour Spanish stream for Spanish speaking countries.

The Webinar Vet founder, Anthony Chadwick says of the announcement:

“Virtual Congress 2020 will celebrate the clarity of 20:20 veterinary vision you will receive when listening to these fabulous webinars. The quality of our webinars is second to none. As you watch more of our quality content, you will become a more knowledgeable, more confident vet.”

The conference content is as varied as ever with sessions on endoscopic surgery, cardiopulmonary arrest, dental extractions and pruritus in horses to name a few.

As well as the exciting keynote speakers, the Virtual Congress also includes Martha Cannon, Stephen White, Neil Forbes, Luca Ferasin and many more world-renowned veterinary educators.

Full timetable and speakers are available by clicking here

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