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Ceva launches Isemid®

Ceva have launched Isemid, changing the face of diuretics with a new once a day diuretic for the treatment of dogs in congestive heart failure.  Isemid® contains torasemide and is licensed for the treatment of clinical signs related to congestive heart failure in dogs, including pulmonary oedema.  Isemid® is formulated as a chewable flavoured tablet to support owner compliance.

Isemid® is a powerful, once-a-day diuretic and in a clinical field trial,  Isemid® was demonstrated to be as effective as furosemide when used as a first line treatment in dogs with heart failure.ISEMID® is available in three strengths: 1, 2 and 4 mg. The tablets are pork-liver flavoured, chewable and scored so they can be halved.  They are to be administered orally once daily, with or without food.  

To support the launch of Isemid Ceva have an introductory offer of a free pot of Cardalis when you purchase a box of Isemid for a CHF patient. View the offer here.
To support practices in staying up to date with Cardiology developments, Ceva have created a CPD portal with a number of fantastic webinars with specialists including Adrian Boswood, Emily Dutton, Heidi Ferasin, Mike Martin and Mark Patterson.

Please see the below link and password to access the portal:
Password: CevaCardiology 

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