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Dairy Vet of the Year Announced

Sarah Tomlinson, veterinary surgeon at Westpoint Farm Vets in Derbyshire and Technical Director of the TB Advisory Service (TBAS), was named Dairy Vet of the Year at the Cream Awards on 5 February 2020.   The Award, sponsored by Krka UK Ltd, recognises a veterinary surgeon for going the extra mile in helping to create a more positive, forward-thinking dairy industry.

In addition to her work as a farm vet, Sarah Tomlinson’s role as Technical Director of TBAS involves her overseeing and delivering training for new advisors, chairing technical board meetings and delivering farmer meetings across the country.  She also provides bespoke advice to farmers in High Risk and Edge Areas of England.  According to TBAS, feedback consistently confirms that farmers are not only impressed by Sarah’s knowledge, but by her compassion and understanding for those suffering a TB breakdown.  She is also a member of the TB Eradication and Advisory Group (TBEAG) for England, which advises government policy makers on all aspects of TB control in England.

Commenting, Lindsay Heasman, Project Manager at TBAS, said: “Sarah is an authority on TB and understands the responsibility that comes with this role. She uses her position for good at all times and is prepared to make statements that are not always universally popular.  By standing by her beliefs and dispelling misconceptions, she has won the respect of farmers across the country. Her dedication has, at times, come at personal cost, but her passion for eradicating bTB and support for farmers in achieving this goal never wavers.”

Sarah Tomlinson said: “I am just a farm vet doing the same job every farm vet does daily across the country. Through necessity, seeing my clients being devastated by TB breakdowns every day, I felt passionate about doing something about it. TBAS, my colleagues I am lucky to work with, and TBEAG have given me the platform to do this.  I am very humbled that the judges though me worthy of the Award amongst the other hard-working vets.”

Charlotte Read, Key Account Manager – Farm, at Krka, added: “The support that Sarah gives not simply to her own clients but also to other farmers, vets and advisors across the industry shows her commitment to helping the dairy sector overcome the challenge of bTB.  We also believe that her efforts to empower farmers by giving them the tools to protect their farms from bTB are a very positive step forward for the sector.

 “Krka is proud to support the UK’s dairy sector and we were very proud to present the Dairy Vet of the Year Award to such a deserving recipient. Congratulations, Sarah.”

Andrew Bradley from QMMS Ltd also won a Special Award in recognition of his contribution to the dairy industry.  Professor Bradley was involved in the roll out of the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan, an industry-led initiative to improve milk quality and mastitis control on UK dairy farms, which he is now in piloting in Denmark.  In 2005, Andrew Bradley founded QMMS Ltd, a veterinary-led, milk quality laboratory, clinical and research consultancy.  He has also developed the dairy herd health and analysis software ‘TotalVet’ which is used widely in the UK and overseas.

The Cream Awards are organised by British Dairying Magazine.

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