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BSAVA launches new anaesthetic resource to support the veterinary profession during the COVID-19 pandemic  

To support the veterinary profession and address concerns related to potential oxygen shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic, the BSAVA has put together a collection of resources on anaesthesia.  

The BSAVA Library Collection, which is freely available until the end of June 2020, includes resources relating to total intravenous anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring in addition to a new guidance document on the administration of anaesthetics during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been endorsed by the Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists.  

Kerry Woodhouse, author of the guidance document, said: “In line with RCVS recommendations to promote safe practice and social distancing, anaesthesia for routine procedures should be stopped during the current restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. There will however remain a need for anaesthetics for emergency and urgent procedures on welfare grounds. This guidance document provides practical information on administering anaesthesia while conserving oxygen supplies.” 

BSAVA President, Sue Paterson, added: “The potential prioritisation of oxygen cylinders into human medicines means that we must be ready and able to revert back to using some more basic anaesthetic techniques. BSAVA are pleased to be able to support the profession during these challenging through the provision of up-to-date guidance and resources to address these concerns.”  

The BSAVA COVID-19: Anaesthesia Resources collection can be found in the BSAVA Library, here:  

Currently there is no indication that there is a shortage of available medical gases. In preparation for an escalation of COVID-19 cases, BOC has been building stocks of medical gases, where able, to ensure their supply chain is in the best possible position to respond to customer requirements. BOC has now implemented a ‘Full for Empty’ supply of all medical cylinder gases to ensure that supplies can be maintained and fairly distributed to all customers. Customers with medical oxygen are being encouraged to manage their cylinders in an effective manner and ensure that empty cylinders are available promptly for collection and reprocessing by BOC. An increased frequency of deliveries and collections is available to assist with cylinder turnover. Customers are asked to be vigilant and ensure that medical gas cylinders are kept as secure as possible to deter potential misuse or theft. BSAVA understands that if a practice is closed for the foreseeable future, BOC will collect cylinders free of charge.  For further information individuals can call BOC’s Customer Information Centre on 0800 111 333.

Further information is available here 

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