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VetoSlide, a new on-farm diagnostic test for clinical mastitis

Vetoquinol has launched VetoSlide, a new on-farm daignostic test for clinical mastitis. VetoSlide is a dual slide set within a test tube, containing two culture medias identifying Gram+ and Gram– pathogens.

The bacteria in mastitis milk samples can be easily identified within a 8-24 hour period, turning red to identify Gram+ growth and green to identify Gram– growth. E. coli will produce reddish colonies whereas all other Gram– will produce white colonies.

  • Simple to use and can be performed by the farmer
  • Provides high specificity and sensitivity* results within 8-24 hours
  • Allows you to easily identify Gram + or Gram - bacteria
  • Can be stored for 6 months at room temperature up to 25°C

To find out more about VetoSlide or place an order call 01280 814500 or email

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