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Free SPVS Webinar: COVID 19 – Economic sustainability of veterinary practices

COVID 19 has created significant financial and practical challenges for veterinary practices as highlighted in the recent SPVS survey. Income reductions of between 40-60% have occurred and practices have to consider how best they can restructure their practices most effectively.

SPVS has launched a new webinar around COVID-19 and the economic sustainability of veterinary practices including planning, tools and top tips. The webinar illustrates the relative profitability of different strategies that practices may wish to adopt during the COVID 19 and then provide an opportunity for a panel of practitioners to discuss practical steps they have taken to optimise their practice operations.

Panelists include Mark Harwood (Hazlewoods) and Peter Gripper (Anval), who will demonstrate a spreadsheet tool that allows practices to predict more accurately which is the best economic strategy for them to utilise.  This will then be provided to members.

For more information and to view the webinars click here

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