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Animalcare Launches Equizol®– UK’s First Equine Omeprazole Granules

Animalcare has launched Equizol®, the UK’s first omeprazole granule treatment for gastric ulcers in horses. The apple-flavoured, gastro-resistant granules can be mixed with dry feed, making administration simpler for owners.

Studies indicate that the prevalence of gastric ulcers is high within the UK’s horse population. Up to 37% of leisure horses and 93% of race horses are reported to be affected.* The most prescribed treatment is omeprazole, which is a proton pump inhibitor with an antacid activity. It reduces acidity in the stomach and helps the ulcers to heal as part of an overall treatment protocol.

Equizol’s granule formulation has been developed to support owners who find syringe administration difficult or wasteful. It is presented in packs of 28 sachets, each containing sufficient omeprazole to treat 200 kg body weight. Owners are required to simply mix the appropriate number of sachets into a small amount of the horse’s feed.

Commenting on the launch of Equizol, Animalcare Product Manager James Beaumont said: “Offering innovative product solutions which better meet our customer’s needs is our goal and Equizol is a perfect example. Our established equine healthcare range includes products for pain management, infusion therapy and microchips. Now, with the launch of Equizol, we are offering an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to the common problem of gastric ulcers, based on tried and trusted omeprazole. We are delighted to add it to our range.”

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