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Further Improve International Veterinary Training Programmes Confirmed as Meeting Requirements for Advanced Practitioner Status

Improve International’s Postgraduate Certificate programme in Dentistry and Oral Surgery delivered and awarded in partnership with Harper Adams University and the International School of Veterinary Studies, has been added to the list of qualifications conferring eligibility for applications for the RCVS’ Advanced Practitioner Status in Small Animal Dentistry.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Practice Sciences, achieved by obtaining the PgC in Small Animal Surgery, plus the ISVPS General Practitioner Advanced Certificate in Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery (together with two further modules with HAU), has also been recognised as an eligible entry qualification for application for the RCVS’ Advanced Practitioner status in Small Animal Orthopaedics.

The PgC is accredited at Masters Level 7 and provides 60 credits, at least 40 of which are in the designated clinical area. This places it at the same academic level as those offered by other CPD providers and termed as eligible entry qualifications for RCVS Advanced Practitioner status – a middle tier of veterinary accreditation, sitting between an initial veterinary degree and RCVS Specialist status. It joins eleven Improve PgCs, including its flagship Small Animal Medicine and Small Animal Surgery programmes, in offering this eligibility.

The GPAdvCert in Orthopaedics is one of four new next-step level programmes launched by Improve International in 2018 to advance the learning opportunities for veterinary surgeons following the completion of an ISVPS General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) or PgC. These programmes can be attended without first achieving the PgC or GPCert, however, the GPAdvCert qualification can only be awarded with this prior achievement.

The GPAdvCert programme in Orthopaedic Surgery is set to start in September 2020 with the PgC programme in Dentistry and Oral Surgery commencing in January 2021.

With the safety of its delegates, speakers and staff in mind, Improve is following Government advice closely and preparing for the fact that some COVID-19-induced restrictions may still be in place towards the end of this year and into 2021. The company will provide appropriate PPE for attending delegates and arrange for live sessions to be streamed online if physical attendance is not possible. Practical sessions will be rescheduled for the earliest possible date and the company has also revised its terms and conditions to provide maximum flexibility to delegates in case their circumstances change.

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