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Elanco launches Dexdomitor® 0.1 mg/ml


Elanco Companion Animal Health has launched Dexdomitor® 0.1 mg/ml, a new sedative for small cats and dogs.

Dexdomitor® 0.1 mg/ml joins Elanco’s innovative alpha-2 agonist and alpha-2 antagonist range, already the largest in Europe.

Produced and manufactured in partnership with Orion Corporation, Dexdomitor 0.1 mg/ml contains all the properties of dexmedetomidine in a formulation that allows accurate and convenient dosing for the smallest patients.  It can be used as a sedative for non-invasive, mild to moderately painful procedures and examinations which require restraint, sedation and analgesia in dogs and cats.  It can also be used for deep sedation and analgesia in dogs in concomitant use with butorphanol for medical and minor surgical procedures and as a pre-medication in dogs and cats before induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia. 

Dexdomitor 0.1 mg/ml has been specifically designed to provide accurate dosing in very small dogs (up to 5kg) for sedation and pre-medication, small to mid-size dogs (up to 20kg) for pre-medication, and small cats (up to 3kg) for sedation and pre-medication.

“With nearly a quarter of dogs weighing less than 6kg and nearly three-quarters weighing less than 23.1kg, Dexdomitor 0.1mg/ml is ideal for small animals that require low concentration doses of dexmedetomidine for convenient and accurate dosing,’ said Ed Whittle MRCVS, technical consultant at Elanco Companion Animal Health. 

Elanco has produced an informative sedation and pre-medication dosing guide to educate veterinary professionals on the recommended doses for its range of alpha-2 agonists and alpha-2 antagonists. 

The company’s range of alpha-2 agonists and alpha-2 antagonists includes Dexdomitor 0.1, Dexdomitor®, Domitor®, Antisedan®, Domosedan® and Domosedan® Gel.

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