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Ovatec Plus: the easy way of counting eggs before they hatch

Zoetis, formerly Pfizer Animal Health and a market-leading company in equine worm control, has made faecal collection and in-practice worm count testing quicker and easier with the introduction of Ovatec Plus.

Ovatec Plus facilitates the in-house detection of worm burdens by enabling the coproscopic examination of parasite eggs, larvae and cysts. The built-in sample collection scoop allows for hands-off, quick, clean sample collection and controlled sample size, while the built-in cap, which can be written on for easy identification, snaps shut to seals the contents safely for contamination-free transport.

The system is based on  zinc sulphate flotation technology, with a flotation time of just ten minutes to provide rapid analysis. The special Ova-Spin feature will break up even the most difficult sample. The positive-locking filter chamber prevents any spill of test samples and reduces operator exposure to potential hazards and the unique overflow reservoir prevents overfills leaking onto the lab bench

The high sensitivity and excellent specificity of Ovatec Plus enable informed treatment decisions to be made. A study has shown that samples proving negative with Ovatec Plus provide 95% certainty that the sample is <150epg and 100% certainty that the sample is <250epg, which means treatment may not be necessary. Samples that prove positive, with one or more eggs seen, can be verified using a quantitative technique if needed, alternatively treatment may be indicated. 

Zoetis is the manufacturer of the equine wormers EQUEST® and EQUEST PRAMOX®, the only equine wormers to contain moxidectin. They provide comprehensive worm control and the longest recommended dosing interval (13 weeks) of any equine wormer currently available.

Ben Lacey, equine business unit manager at Zoetis, said: “Ovatec Plus is an excellent addition to our equine worm control portfolio.  It’s ideal for use in many test situations, giving a quick, easy and convenient solution.”

To find out more, speak to your Zoetis Account Manager, call 0845 300 8034 or email

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