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Introducing the new ectoparasiticides - Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus 

Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus are new ectoparasiticides from MSD Animal Health. Both products contain indoxacarb, a new and highly efficacious flea control agent, providing both adulticide and ovilarvicidal activity. Therefore the pet and its immediate environment are treated with one smart molecule in one simple application. In comparative trials Activyl is statistically significantly more effective than fipronil at keeping pets and the households they live in free of fleas.

Indoxacarb is a pro-insecticide, and requires metabolic activation – bioactivation – inside the flea to produce its highly active form. This technology has benefits beyond flea control as indoxacarb is highly selective for fleas and minimises unnecessary exposure to flea treatments for pets, their families and environment.

There is no known resistance to indoxacarb and as it binds to a unique site on the insect voltage dependent sodium channel, the potential for cross resistance is minimal. This offers reassurance to those concerned by resistance and tolerance issues experienced by other commercially available flea treatments.

Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus are both licensed as part of a treatment strategy for FAD (Flea Allergic Dermatitis).

Activyl Tick Plus for dogs turns up the protection by adding permethrin and is always on guard against ticks. Permethrin, unlike many acaricides such as fipronil and amitraz, is a highly efficacious repellent, helping avoid potential skin damage and disease transmission from tick bites. It also delivers with an acaricidal activity of up to 100% for complete peace of mind.

Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus are both prescription only medications (POM-V) and only available via veterinary surgeons. Both products have been well tolerated in safety trials. Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus are easy and convenient to use, water and UV resistant and fragrance free. They are available in boxes of four individual use spot-on pipettes, each individually wrapped in child resistant packaging. Activyl is available for toy, small, medium and large dogs and small and large cats. Activyl Tick Plus is available for toy, small, medium, large and extra-large dogs.

Activyl and Activyl Tick Plus benefit other purchases from MSD Animal Heath via the eVolve discount scheme.





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