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Ceva’s nutraceuticals rebranded under its popular LOGIC® brand

Following the success of Ceva Animal Health’s dental hygiene products, the company has rebranded its supplements for cats and dogs under its popular LOGIC® brand.

The new LOGIC range, which previously included the complementary dental products LOGIC® Oral Hygiene Gel and LOGIC® Orozyme® Chews, now includes LOGIC® Diar-Stop™ (previously known as Diarsanyl® Plus) for digestive health, LOGIC® Flexivet™ a highly palatable joint supplement and LOGIC® Senilife® a powerful nutraceutical which has been shown to manage the signs of brain ageing. The range is available in consumer-friendly packaging and a merchanidising unit is available to showcase the products in practice.


LOGIC® for dental hygiene

LOGIC Oral Hygiene Gel and LOGIC Orozyme Chews contain an enzyme complex and antibacterial agents which supplement the pet’s natural salivary system. This enzyme formula attacks bacteria in the mouth, fights bad breath and reduces the formation of plaque.


LOGIC® for digestive health

LOGIC Diar-Stop is an easy-to-administer intestinal support paste for dogs and cats suffering from digestive upsets.  It contains four key ingredients to help quickly restore normal digestive health including montmorillonite, which coats and protects the intestinal lining while absorbing toxins, Na+, Mg2 and K+ ions to help restore electrolytes lost during digestive upsets, dextrose to provide an energy source for the small intestine and prebiotics to promote the growth of good bacteria.


LOGIC® for senior pets

LOGIC Flexivet is a pharmaceutical grade joint supplement containing a high concentration of active ingredients including 500g of glucosamine hydrochloride, 500mg of chondroitin sulphate and 400mg of green lipped mussel. Dogs take the highly palatable carob (dog safe chocolate) flavoured tablets as every day treats.


LOGIC Senilife is an easy to administer supplement specifically formulated to help manage signs of brain ageing in dogs and cats and reduce unwanted age-related behaviours such as disorientation, reduced enthusiasm, night time restlessness and house soiling.  Recent studies have shown that 73 per cent of dog owners and 67 per cent of cat owners notice a significant improvement within the first seven days of using LOGIC Senilife.

“The new LOGIC range provides veterinary practices with an extensive portfolio of respected veterinary strength supplements and dental products, with more exciting and innovative products to come in the pipeline,” comments Claire Russell, consumer product manager at Ceva Animal Health.


For further information on the LOGIC range please visit, contact your local Ceva Animal Health territory manager or call Ceva’s customer support team on 01494 781510.

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