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Royal Canin Launches Cans for Cats


Research shows that more than three-quarters of pet owners (76%) feed their cats wet food and almost half of wet cat products sold are in a canned format (48%). In response to this, Royal Canin is launching a new packaging format for its popular range of feline wet diets.

195g cans are set to replace the current alutray packaging, offering a range of benefits for cats and their owners. For example, the new small cans offer more convenience, as they are easy to use and store. They also demonstrate value, as clients perceive cans to be better value for money than other packaging formats. Importantly, as with all Royal Canin Veterinary Diets, palatability is a key factor and so the new cans will contain the same effective recipes as before, with exactly the right nutrients in each wet diet. They will consist of a loaf or mousse, providing a complementary texture to the chunks in gravy found in the equivalent pouched diets.

The new canned format also offers benefits for the veterinary practice. The cans are branded in such a way to provide greater clarity of display and on-shelf presence. They are also easier to stack for storage, and of course they meet an established demand, with more than three-quarters of cat owners opting for wet diets.

Ian Williams, one of Royal Canin’s small animal vets, explains: “We believe the new packaging is an improvement on our established and popular range of wet Veterinary Diets for cats. The range is extensive which allows owners to follow a vet’s nutritional recommendations without changing their pets’ feeding habits, an excellent way to increase compliance.”

The new canned format will be phased in as stocks are replenished, with the following cans being added to the Royal Canin range of wet feline foods: a new Renal and Urinary S/O can, joining the existing Recovery can within the range of Veterinary Diets; and a new Paediatric Weaning can within the Veterinary Care Nutrition range.

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