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New recruitment technique for BCF Technology Clinical Manager

Leading diagnostic imaging company BCF Technology are looking for a new Clinical Manager and are giving vets the opportunity to submit their application by recording a short video (2 minutes maximum) outlining why they would like to work for BCF.

To help potential vets learn more about the role and what it is like to work for the company, BCF have created a video themselves, featuring many different members of staff. (http://


BCF Managing Director Gavin Mitchell commented, ”We are looking for somone with a real passion for imaging and desire to help improve the quality of veterinary imaging. Part of the role will involve presenting clinical learning videos, so we thought it would be a fun way to approach the recruitment process with candidates sending in their own home-made videos. So get creative and you could come and work with us and help vets learn more about 256 shades of grey.”


BCF in-house vet Kimberly Palgrave mentioned, ”This role is a great opportunity for a vet wanting to help others to improve their confidence and skills in using ultrasound and X-ray, it is a hugely rewarding role. It is also a very diverse role as BCF are a worldwide company. BCF approach everything in a fun, innovative way, including the recruitment process.”


BCF Human Resources Manager, Kim McLean, said, ”As we are offering a job role that is quite unique, we thought we would approach advertising the job in a bit of a non-conventional way as well. We hope that candidates will take on the challenge and that we will receive some interesting video applications for the role.”

The video created by the BCF staff gives an overview of the business, has some great comments from its staff and even has a rap about the company at the end performed by Tom from the Purchasing Department. You can see the video and learn more about the position at http://


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