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Marfloquin, a marbofloxacin-based antibiotic for cats and dogs launched by Virbac


Virbac has introduced Marfloquin®, a marbofloxacin-based antibiotic indicated for the treatment of multiple infectious diseases in cats and dogs.  It is presented as a palatable, divisible tablet for once daily administration and is available in three tablet strengths:


  • 5 mg for cats and small dogs
  • 20 mg for medium sized dogs
  • 80 mg for large dogs


Virbac Companion Animal Marketing Manager Simon Boulton MRCVS comments:  " Marbofloxacin is valued by practices for its efficacy in treating a wide range of skin, soft tissue, urinary tract and respiratory tract infections.  The launch of Marfloquin gives them a cost-effective alternative and strengthens our existing antibiotic range, which includes Rilexine (cefalexin) and Enrox (enrofloxacin).


For more information vets are advised to contact their territory manager or call Virbac on 01359 243243.

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