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There’s still time to register for this year's BEVA Congress

Don’t miss out on the most talked about veterinary event of the year as there’s still time to register for BEVA Congress. It will be held on 11- 14 September 2013 at the award-winning Manchester Central Convention Centre and is the largest equine veterinary conference in Europe.

BEVA Congress has something for everyone: blisteringly-good science; engaging speakers from around the world; CPD for specialists, equine vets, mixed practitioners and vet nurses alike and best of all – and the pinnacle of the BEVA year – the annual dinner.

Following the success of last year’s Congress debate there will be two hosted this year: one on the future growth of new veterinary schools in the UK and another on the premise that some advanced diagnostics and treatments should only be undertaken by formally trained and recognised specialists.

Professor Paddy Dixon, one of the most accomplished veterinary scientists and surgeons of his generation will be giving the plenary lecture with the intriguing title ‘The evolution of the horse and equine dentistry – any connections?’

Additional programme highlights include an update on the recent research published in EVJ on the potential causative agent for atypical myopathy; this devastating disease, which is very frustrating to treat, is now a regular differential diagnosis for recumbent or weak horses. Other diseases of the muscles are also an important part of the workload in sports-horse practice and these too, will be explored along with lameness specific to disciplines such as show jumping and endurance, during the course of the congress.

Tom Russell from Australia – a highly engaging and entertaining speaker, who is also one of the southern hemisphere’s top surgeons, will be presenting on wound management and well-known speaker, Harold Schott from Michigan, will be speaking on colic as well as the less common problems of the urinary tract in horses.

Advanced lameness diagnosis and advanced diagnostic imaging sessions add to the appeal for those experienced members of the profession. There will also be presentations on standing surgery of the spinous processes in the back session. In addition there will be a range of interactive panel discussion sessions. These were originally confined to x-ray panels, but now include lameness, endocrine disease and even the ovary!


An integral part of Congress is the large, lively commercial exhibition, which houses over 100 trade stands, each showcasing innovative products and services. Meanwhile to help the time-pressed manage their lecture attendance more effectively BEVA Congress’ Encore Room, sponsored by Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health), gives delegates the chance to play back missed lectures at their convenience.

BEVA is run by a democratically elected Council of equine veterinary members. Elections will be taking place from 24th August to 10th September for four new members of BEVA Council. It’s your organisation so it’s important for you to have your say – voter registrations will be distributed by email and post.

To register for Congress in advance visit or simply turn up on the day.

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