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Elanco’s new dermatology e-newsletter focuses on fleas

Elanco Companion Animal Health has launched the second issue of its informative dermatology e-newsletter ‘Under The Skin’, which focuses on fleas and the problem of flea infestations.

The e-newsletter will refresh the knowledge of veterinary professionals by reviewing the lifecycle of a flea and looking at a recent and highly readable overview of fleas and their role as parasite and vector.  Dr Peri Lau-Gillard DerMedVet CertVD DipECVD MRCVS, European Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology, will once again be guest editor and other interesting topics covered include ‘seasonal treatment or year round prevention’, ‘treatment failure – what to consider when the fleas are still alive’, ‘tips and tricks – flea combing and faecal examination for fleas’ and information on spinosad, the active ingredient in Comfortis®.

There is also the opportunity to watch the recent ‘real world flea control’ webinar presented by renowned flea expert, Dr Mike Dryden, together with a film demonstrating the effect of treatment with a Comfortis tablet on adult fleas.

The flea theme will be continued in issue three of Under The Skin as Elanco takes a closer look at the flea’s role in allergic skin disease and how to manage these sometimes complex and frustrating cases.

To register to receive Elanco’s Under The Skin e-newsletter, please visit  For further information please contact your local Elanco Companion Animal Health key account manager or phone 01256 353131.

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